About Us

EthAum Venture Partners is an Incubator and Accelerator for the Deep Tech Startups. We enable growth of the Deep Tech startups by bringing Investment, Enterprise Relationships and mentors. EthAum loves revolutionary entrepreneurs and their break through creative ideas in the fields of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, Extended Reality (AR & VR) etc.

What sets us apart is that we are highly result-oriented startups growth ecosystem. Being a virtual accelerator enables us to be truly agile, cost-efficient and global.

What is EthAum Venture Partners?

Startup Accelerator

Fund Raising
Pitch Improvement
1 X 1 VC Meeting
Corporate Partnership
Customer Aquisition

Corporate Innovator

Entry in new Markets
Expedite Innovation
New Product Offering
Merger and Aquisition

Value Investor

We selectively co-invest with the world's best VCs and corpoations

Why EthAum Venture Partners?

No equity required

We know it is heart-breaking to give away equity. You are the owners and retain the ownership we are just here to help you achieving your dreams.

Stage agnostic

Our support is for Deep Tech companies of all stages. We aim to provide you clients, development partners, and investors.

Funding Ecosystem

EthAum ecosystem (in-house VC, Alumnus, Partner Investors) invests in varying ticket sizes.

World-class mentors

The mentors in our ecosystem are experts and leaders in their industry, have built successful businesses, and want to help you build yours.

Build Product & Traction

We are partnering with world’s largest corporations from different sectors. These Corporations will support you building products and acquiring customers faster.

Networking Events

We hold roadshows and webcast with VCs, Tech Executives, Family Offices, HNWIs, M&A Executives on regular basis. As part of this ecosystem, you will find partners that can help you win.